Heroines' Stories

Hundreds of heroine stories were pinned to display boards in Ripon Cathedral during VE70 Commemoration in May 2015. Visitors from all over the UK wrote personal tributes and gave thanks for the lives and heroism of their grandmothers, great-grandmothers, great-aunties, mothers. North Yorkshire schoolchildren also researched the stories of historical figures and wrote to them. A selection appears below.

If you have any photos relating to any of the people and places in the stories below, please upload them to the Gallery. You can also add your own story. It is particularly important to mention locations, as well as names, because this can open the door to valuable untold stories.

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Sylvia Cundal

Dear Sylvia Cundal From Ellie, great granddaughter You were one of the many schoolchildren frightened by the idea of war; it must have been so terrifying and sad losing friends, family and others you loved. I don’t know how you managed. It must have been really tough. Immense bravery was shown when your home town […]