Heroines' Stories

Hundreds of heroine stories were pinned to display boards in Ripon Cathedral during VE70 Commemoration in May 2015. Visitors from all over the UK wrote personal tributes and gave thanks for the lives and heroism of their grandmothers, great-grandmothers, great-aunties, mothers. North Yorkshire schoolchildren also researched the stories of historical figures and wrote to them. A selection appears below.

If you have any photos relating to any of the people and places in the stories below, please upload them to the Gallery. You can also add your own story. It is particularly important to mention locations, as well as names, because this can open the door to valuable untold stories.

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Dear Nanna From Hugh Todd You were won of the seven million women who served Britain and the Allies in WWll. You also helped our country, mending broken cities and the bodies, hearts and minds of the men. Thanks to you, our families live in peace and freedom today. You must have been really scared […]

Great Great Auntie Nori

Dear Great Great Auntie Nori From Ilona Thank you for joining the Land Girls and helping to feed Britain. The many jobs that you did such as milking cows, gathering crops, catching rats, helped us stayed strong. You helped to keep our spirits up. Thanks to your passion you have encouraged others to do the […]

Women’s Institute

Dear Women’s Institute From Emily Your efforts in the war massively helped women at home feel more comfortable. It was your job to look after all the evacuees and make sure everyone got food. Thank you for doing the small but important jobs of war. I’m sure everyone you helped appreciated it. One of your […]

All the Nurses that helped in WWll

Dear All the Nurses that helped in WWll From Georgia I am writing to thank you for everything you did. All the people would have been so grateful because they were suffering and you were there to help them. I understand it wasn’t easy because you didn’t have the right equipment. All the men would […]

Women’s Land Army Ladies

Dear Women’s Land Army Ladies From Hentry Thank you for your hard work and determination to ensure our country’s survival. You also spent 50 hours a week doing jobs you didn’t even like such as mucking out pigs and picking up poo. Thank you for planting new crops and feeding the animals so families could […]

Great Great Grandma

Dear Great Great Grandma From Rosie Thanks to you and your faming skills we had fresh food throughout the war and people at home didn’t surrender to the German army. If you didn’t do what you did soldiers abroad and the Home Front would have been too weak to fight and Hitler would have enslaved […]

Barbara Jackson

Dear Barbara Jackson From Mya, great granddaughter I’m thanking you great grandma because you looked after children who got evacuated. Your job was vitally important since you had to make sure the children were fed and safe. I’m glad you’re still alive after the time you put sand over a bomb. When you took the […]

Girl Guides – All of Them

Girl Guides – All of Them To all the Girl Guides for their contribution to the war effort. They met every evacuee train and befriended children, taking them to their local Brownie and Guide units. Their leaders had gone to serve in the war but the Guides continued to meet and were led by their […]

Ester Hibbert

Dear Ester Hibbert From Aler, grand daughter Thank you for supporting the war effort. I’m not just saying a normal thanks. It really means a lot to me. Grandad (Dick Stocker) told me a lot about you. Apparently you were a very daring woman! You taught yourself to drive. You sound like a funny, humerous […]

Dear Ma

Dear Ma From Wilf Withman Thank you for being brave and courageous because that’s the reason I’m stood here today. The world should know your story. If they do, they’ll all be inspired to be like you. Young and brave. You have been through the worst, but you carried on. At three years old you […]